Misses new in town is designed for beauty lovers who are keen on high-end makeup products and bold beauty looks. Topics like travel and fashion are also featured on this blog every now and then.

Blog Series like "What's new in Beauty land?" where every second week five products will be shown which just hit the market and "Monthly Favorites" are also part of the blog next to "How to" looks.
Launched in 2012 as a lifestyle blog, written in German by two girls from Austria, as sort of a hobby, it quickly became time-consuming and clear that the blog can only have one main topic: beauty.
Three years later it was deciced that the blog should only be run by one girl and the posts should be written in English. Since blogging isn't exactly easy, the last couple of years (with a few ups and downs) have been a learning process and they still are.

Who stands behind Misses new in town?
Hi, I am Julia, a full-time personal assistant to a CEO, who discovered her passion for beauty when I was still a teenager. Ever since then I had tried a lot of beauty products, techniques and trends but also made mistakes when it came to makeup. And yet I never wanted to live without my makeup collection again. Furthermore I consider myself as a glitter and lipstick junkie. When I am not holding a makeup brush in my hands or busy at work, I am travelling around the world or I am fulfilling my third passion: cooking.

Home is where my makeup is. If you feel the same way, I’ll be happy to invite you over.

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