ABH Spring Collection: Swatches & review

It’s funny that though I am not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks I keep repurchasing them. So when Anastasia Beverly Hills launched her new Spring Collection I had to try a few of them – especially Rio, which is a hot pink and remembers me of “Candy Yum Yum” from Mac only a tad more intense. Since I’m not keen on nudes I skipped the majority and concentrated on Rio, Soft Lilac, Kathryn and CatnipMadison is also a bold magenta but I did not want to go overboard with my order because I also bought eyeshadows and stocked up my brow definers.

Shipping ($ 18) went really fast because I received my purchase within approximately four days with UPS but that’s just a side note. Below you will find swatches and how these lipsticks look on my lips. Compared to their older ones I am 100 % sure that they’ve changed the formula because the newer ones dry down faster which you can see in the picture below as I compared Milk Shake and Sweet Talker with the Spring collection. When I applied them I started with Sweet Talker and Milk Shake, Kathryn was last and you can see that their new shades are already dried down while the other ones are still wet, especially Milk Shake. As always ABH liquid lipsticks provide full coverage, a matte finish and a great pigmentation!

ABH Swatches Spring Collection

But don’t get carried away: it is still a liquid lipstick, so it will make your lips dry – a lip scrub and a good moisturizer are a must before you apply those – and when you eat (the color survived a sandwich but not a pizza) it will fade away and you will get the butthole mouth, so keep that in mind. Next to the typical downsides of liquid lippies I absolute adore their colors for Spring and their new formular.

Soft Lilac
Soft Lilac is a pale violet which is my interpretation of a nude shade
Rio is a blue-toned hot pink which will make you stand out if you wear it

Kathryn is described as brown berry but it is definitely more on the red side, so if you want
a shade that’s more on the brown side I would definitely opt for Ashton.

Catnip is a soft plum which I really enjoy – I wanted this shade since I saw it on Norvina’s account


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