January Favorites

What I’ve learned from being awake for approximately 30 hours and after a 13 hours flight: If you wanna test a makeup product like foundation, eyeshadow, etc. flying is a great way to do that! So because two products were true friends during my journey (not only because of that) they are mentioned in my January favorites, so let’s just have a look.

Lush Origins Bourjois L:A Bruket Maybelline
1. Lush "BIG" / 2. Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in "#35-On and on Bronze" /
3. Origins "Clean Energy" / 4. Bourjois "Liner Pinceau 16h" / 5. L:A Bruket Body Butter "Vildros"

1. This one is a little funny for me because I rarely talk about hair stuff, but “BIG” by Lush did a great job. My hair just looked tired, had no volume and weren’t so fluffy as usual. Since I own so many shampoos (thanks Glossybox!) I always use a different one but none of them had helped me, until I brought BIG back in the game, now my fluffy and shiny hair are back.

2. Let’s talk for real: For a non-makeup-artist I own enough makeup, more than the average woman and I am not done with experimenting and trying new products, but since I discovered that I am more into palettes than individual eyeshadows I stopped purchasing them. But I received one Maybelline Color Tattoo at a workshop and got sold on it. Sometimes I use it on its own (when I am lazy or don’t have much time) or as a base. On my way to Mauritius I wore it as a base and like the eyeliner: it lasts more than 24 hours, it doesn’t crease or anything like that plus it is easy to remove. I will definitely buy another one if I had ran out of this one!

3. I was very busy the last four month and time was one thing that I didn’t have, so I had to shorten my night routine. That being said I was glad to be introduced to the Clean Energy Gentle cleansing oil by Origins. I just take a few drops, massage it into my face, add some water to get a milky consistence and then I take it off with a cleansing cloth. At first I was sceptical but it really erases all of my makeup and it maintains my skin, furthermore since it is oil I don’t need a heavy moisturizer for my dry areas afterwards. I didn’t experienced any break outs or greasiness.

4. I am in love with this product since years but they’ve sadly discontinued it in Austria, you can imagine how lucky I was when I’ve found the Bourjois eyeliner at Asos! It says that the eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours but as I’ve already mentioned in my intro it lasted me more than that, apparently 27 hours until I washed it off. It didn’t move, crumbled or anything else. Hands down my go-to-liquid eyeliner by far.

5. I’ve said it a hundred times, but obviously the fact that I am a lazy gal when it comes to moisturize my body after showering doesn’t change. However, since it is Winter I always try to improve myself in scribbling in the colder month and a nice smelling body butter can always help. Honestly, I think the L:A Bruket body butter is more like a whipped cream than a body butter but the rose scent is adorable and I like this moisturized and fresh feeling it gives plus you don’t need a ton of it and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. Some body treatments are too rich for me, even in Winter so that I begin so sweat, but gladly that’s not the case here.


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