Matcha for the skin

Weeks ago I got the opportunity to join a blogger event at Staudigl’s Wien where Kosho Cosmetics, a cosmetic line from Switzerland, was presented. Kosho was founded in 2013 and is based in Switzerland (from the research to the production) where their matcha extract also is manufactured.
All of their products are free of allergenic additives such as paraffins, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens and silicones and developed without animal testing.

We also had a chat with its Founder Holger Hampel, but I also had the chance to try my first Matcha drink from Kissa which tasted really great, but that’s a whole other story. As a gift we all got a little package with a day cream, a peeling, a serum and a night cream. I used the day cream and the peeling since I received it that’s why I want to give you a little review and tell you about my experiences.  
Before I go in depth with the two beauty products let me just explain what Matcha is, because this is the main ingredient these products contain. Matcha is the finest ground green tea, grown for an extremely long time in shaded areas. It is the most precoius tea in the world and it is only authentic if it’s from Japan.
Smart Protection Cream” – € 116,- / 50 ml

First of all: I love the smell of this cream, it kinda reminds me of “Alien” from Thierry Mugler (weird I know) but not in that intense way. It contains exclusive organic matcha extract, Japanese crocus and precious oils that protect your skin against UV stress, harmful environmental influences and light-induced skin ageing. It says that it is made for mature skin, but you can also use it if you are more on the drier side.
A little goes a long way because the Smart Protection Cream provides abundant care, intensive moisture and gives your skin a radiant glow. I used it every day for the last weeks and my skin felt very soft, also it was a great base for my make up but here’s the thing: my skin broke out because it was too intense for me (I have combination skin), which I did not consider at first. I was a little bit sad that my skin reacted this way, because I really like the cream, that’s why I keep using it on dry areas like around my nose and maybe it will work for me in Winter.

Multi-Effect Peeling” – € 56,- / 90 ml

The main ingredients here are bamboo, rice and of course the organic matcha extract. This peeling purifies the skin and removes scales and impurities while turning into a nourishing cream. You place a small amount on your dry and clean skin, rub it in and then add a little bit of water so that you get this milky consistency, afterwards you rinse it off. Also applies here a little goes a long way. Not every face peeling I use gives me that fresh and clean feeling but this one does, furthermore it doesn’t dry my skin out.

All in all I really like these products and the brand, even if the Protection Cream didn’t work out for me that well. There are a few other products they offer, just take a look at Kosho’s website if you are nosy. I might try their Creamy Cleansing since I ran out of my Master Lin one.


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