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I am a bit skeptical when it comes to cleanser in powder form, because normally I am more into gel or foam cleansers, but a sweet friend of mine gifted me with the Master Lin “Herbal Cleansing Powder & Beauty Mask”, so shout out to her, because this is really great stuff!
Master Lin “Herbal Cleansing Powder & Beauty Mask” – € 49,90 / 40 g

Sometimes after washing my face, my skin feels a little bit dry. That’s why I don’t use my Origins-foam anymore. But if I use the Master Lin, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all. According to the products description: “The deep penetrating effective facial cleansing powder and mask comprised of handpicked herbs such as lavender and jasmine which gently nourish and peel. Balanced TCM-recipe with precious pearl (antiseptic), tiger grass (disinfectant) and chamomile (soothing). Used skin cells are gently removed and the skin once again reveals its natural glow. According to the Yin-Yang principle it is suitable for all skin types.”

How I use it: I place a tiny amount on my hand, add a few drops of water and mix it into a cream. After that I rub it on my dry face, wait a few seconds then I wash it off.
My face feels refreshed and clean without any feeling of tension and the product itself lasted for two months – great product which I am going to repurchase!

About Master Lin: Master Lin, Feng Shui master and expert for far-eastern herbal medicines has developed this exclusive luxury cosmetic line based on secret recipes of the millennia-old TCM philosophy. Master Lin returns the skin to its natural balance and restores elasticity, vitality and freshness. Last but not least: it is an Austrian brand, based near Vienna.

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