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Contes de la beauté is a lifestyle blog by a girl in the age of 26, living in Austria. I write about beauty stuff like makeup looks, product reviews, some fashion-related posts or stuff that won't leave my head.

Travel: Santorini | Greece

Long time no see, I know, but after I got home from my vacation life kept me pretty busy and I also caught a cold, but that’s the downside from leaving 29 degrees, when your hometown only has 15 degrees. Since Summer is officially over I will share with you some impressions  of my vacation in Santorini.

For me this island has a special place in my heart because I also visited it last year and this was my first journey I went on completely alone. It was just great and an experience everybody should have made at least once in their life.

Of course Thira and Oia is just a bit pricier because many tourists visit these places, but it’s not like you would drink coffee at the Piazza San Marco in Venice ;-) One thing that it is important for me: I’ve never seen such clear and clean (!) water like I did in Kamari or Perissa so I really enjoy swimming there, that’s not understood in times like these.



ABH: Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are for sure a trend at the moment and more and more brands hop on the bandwagon. I am always sceptical of trends because a) they don’t last “Really, you are still wearing this in 2015?” and b) just because everybody owns it doesn’t mean that it is really great.
Since I am a make-up-my-own-mind-kind I just ordered a few liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills and from Dose of Colors (review, swatches and comparison to the ABH ones will follow). Below you will find swatches of each lip product and also me wearing them so you can tell by yourself if you are keen on trying them or not.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (known for their great eyebrow products) provides a huge range of colors when it comes to their lip products, even some unique ones like blue or black. Since I wanted to buy shades that I don’t own yet and also wasn’t willing to let my bank account bleed I “just” ordered six lippies. Five of them are liquid lipsticks and one ist a lipgloss.

The application of them are easy and not difficult since they doesn’t dry quick. The product description says “This ultra-saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.” And yes, I agree, it is smudge proof and longlasting, unless you eat a burger, but the majority of lip products fade away when you eat something, that’s just normal in my opinion.
Before applying it I always use a lip balm or sometimes a lip scrub. Another pro about these babies are that the color actually wears the same on your lips as it shows up in the tube. It doesn’t feel sticky or weird on your lips. I remove the lipstick with my “Garnier Mizellen Reinigungswasser” without having any problems.





Trust Issues




Neon Orange (lipgloss)




Trend or not I really like liquid lipsticks and I sure will buy some other colors in the near future. Those of Anastasia Beverly Hills are available at their website or at Macy’s if you’d like to check it out.

Otto Blog Award 2.0

I decided that since they’ve changed their rules I will take part at the Otto Blog Award 2015. All of the 150 participiants received a black crochet vest – since we all did not know in the forefront which items we will be given, I ordered mine way too big, but yeah, deal with it – the current issue of “WOMAN”, a red lipstick, mascara and a red nail polish by Maybelline. The challenge: Create a look with the vest, use at least two of the beauty products and place the magazine right, all in one picture. Since I am not very creative when it comes to fashion, it was difficult for me to submit with an outstanding outfit, so next time just send us an eyeshadow palette and it will be easier for me ;-)

If you want to vote for me (I would appreciate that) then click here. Below you will find one of those photos we took for the challenge.

Greetings from Greece (where I am right now),

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