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Contes de la beauté is a lifestyle blog by a girl in the age of 26, living in Austria. I write about beauty stuff like makeup looks, product reviews, some fashion-related posts or stuff that won't leave my head.

Cherry lips by Tom Ford

I am not a big fan of buying a product just because of the brands name or because someone famous created it, that was the reason why I wasn’t excited as hell when e. g. Marc Jacobs launched his cosmetic line including lipsticks, etc.

Tom Ford Lipstick “Cherry Lush #10” – € 49,95 / 3 g

At my vacation in Dubai this May I took a look at the Tom Ford lipsticks but I couldn’t find a prize and since it is Tom Ford, I wasn’t keen on asking the man from the counter just to here an insane number for a product that I don’t know its quality and saying “good-bye” to him without buying anything. Long story short: I am glad that I won this lipstick so I can test it and maybe if I like it spoil myself with another color.

Normally I don’t use lip products with a luster finish that often, I am more a fan of matte ones because I don’t have to touch up my make up that often but I am liking the Tom Ford one. It’s moisturizing and ultra-creamy so you don’t need an additional lip balm, if your lips aren’t that dry and the lip color doesn’t bleed, even with using no lip liner.

“Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.”

After four to five hours I had to reapply it a little bit because I was drinking a lot (damn heat!) and after eating of course, I think that’s pretty OK. The question is: Would I (re-)purchase it? Yes, definitely, but honestly, since this product is bloody expensive I would not recommend buying it if you use a lipstick twice a month otherwise the lipstick won’t charge off and also keep in mind that I am not talking about Tom Ford lipsticks in general, just about this one in particular.

MAC Studio Face and body foundation

I know that a lot of women don’t wear foundation in Summer, instead they choose bare skin or a BB cream and others like me go for a light weight foundation because we want flawless skin, even if we spend our day at the beach/pool.

MAC Studio “Face and body foundation” – € 30,- / 50 ml

The MAC Studio Face and body foundation is a sheer, light weight foundation, if you build it, you can achieve a medium coverage. So if you have blemishes you might go for another product.
Since it has a dewy finish it is more suitable for dry to normal skin, if you are oily it won’t have great staying power. Furthermore it is waterproof. The consistance is very liquid, almost runny like water so you really have to work the foundation into your skin, the more you blend the more coverage you get.
The scent is a bit funny as it reminds me of Christmas because it smells a little bit like fir tree but it is not that intense and once the product is on your skin you won’t notice it anymore. Wearing this foundation really feels like a second skin, even if I have combination skin it doesn’t make me too shiny and that’s great. Since it is waterproof it won’t streak if your face gets wet but still it isn’t 100 % transfer resistant – speaking of clothes. You can use it on your body too but you can’t cover tatoos with it since it’s no camouflage make up.

I am really a big fan of this foundation that’s why I am wearing it nearly every day. The shade that I am using is #N3; removing is super easy with my “Garnier Mizellen Reinigungswasser”. You can also reach for a bigger bottle (120 ml).

Empties: Mascara Edition

Todays post is all about mascaras that I’ve used up in the last couple of months. Before I get started I will talk about my lashes quick so that you get an impression of what we are dealing with here.


I can’t complain about their size since since they are longer, especially my bottom lashes and have a natural curl. They are black but their ends are very light, my eyes aren’t sensitive.
The ideal mascara gives my lashes more density, dries quick, does not smudge or stain and provides the blackest black possible.

As I guys told you in earlier posts I am blessed with oily eye lids, especially when it’s getting warmer this is really great because if I wear mascara you can call me “panda”. Three of these mascaras that I am gonna show you did not stain that much (all my “yes” and “yes, but …”). That being said I am gonna stick to the results they gave or should have given according to the description of each product (just an excerpt). As always I organize my decision if I would repurchase the mascara in “yes”, “no” and “yes, but …”.

Ja, bitte

1. Helena Rubenstein “Lash Queen Feline Blacks”

1. Helena Rubenstein “Lash Queen Feline Blacks” – € 35,99 / 7 g

Promises: Volumizing formula and separating brush. Intense, tamed volume and daring length. Ulta-volumizing waxes for voluptuous coating. Suitable for both sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Actually: The wand is perfect for separating the lashes; it made my eye lashes look thicker and it also added extra volume. Furthermore it was very buildable, had an intense black color and wasn’t hard to remove.

2. Chanel “Le Volume de Chanel”

2. Chanel “Le Volume de Chanel” – € 34,95 / 6 g

Promises: Instant volume and intensely lush colour in a single stroke. Expands, plumping lashes to their fullest.
Actually: I can sign these assertions but you need more than one stroke – that’s the point where I disagree. I was a bit sceptical about the wand which is called “Snowflakes” brush and combines long and short bristles to deliver an extreme, eye-opening effect. It dried fast but when it came to its end it didn't thicken the lashes like it did in the beginning. Even if this mascara is more about creating volume than density I still would buy it because I like the “open-eye-effect”.

Ja, aber

3. Bourjois “Volume Clubbing Mascara”

3. Bourjois “Volume Clubbing Mascara” – appr. € 11,- / 10 ml

Gives you extreme volume, perfect for night outs. Enriched with vinyl for a look that won’t budge all night. 100 % tear and sweat proof.
Actually: First of all: I noticed that this product is only available in “Ultra Black” anymore, I got the “normal” one. It really added volume to may lashes, it also thickened them but it didn’t dry that fast as I was hoping. I wasn’t wearing it when I partied, but being awake for 20 hours is nearly the same ;-) The mascara also separated the lashes, I think this wand is perfect for that.
The only thing why I wouldn’t say “yaaas” to it is that is is only available abroad (UK, France, Dubai, …) or online at Asos.com.

Leider, nein

4. Shiseido “Perfect Mascara Full Definition”

4. Shiseido “Perfect Mascara Full Definition” – € 27,95 / 8 ml

Exceptional formula and brush captures every single lash for opulent and lustrous finish. Adds remarkable volume. Separation and length. Non-clumping formula. Contains Camellia oil complex to nourish and condition lashes.
Actually: Even if I like the brand I wouldn’t buy this mascara because it didn’t separate my lashes well and it wasn't buildable, my lashes looked thin and I want thick lashes, but I could not achieve it, even after two or three coats. It didn't clump and it really added volume, but that’s it. Another reason why I didn’t ike it is because it took too long to dry.


5. Estée Lauder “Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara”

5. Estée Lauder “Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara” – € 29,95 / 6 ml

Weightless volume, creates daring full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes. Ultra light, lash-thickening fibres. Brushcomber thickens like a brush; defines and separates like a comb. Fragrance-free and suitable for contact lens wearers.
Actually: Same problem here: My lashes looked thin after applying several coats of mascara and the separation wasn’t good either. The volume was ok, but not in an “all-out seductive” way which the description claims.


6. Eyeko “Skinny Brush Mascara”

6. Eyeko “Skinny Brush Mascara” – € 19,95 / 8 ml

Slim design brush with despersed bristles grabs and captures even the shortest lashes … lengthen, extend and separate. Conditioning, pro-vitamin B, no smudging, crumbling or flaking, water-resistant, paraben-free.
Actually: The difference between this particular mascara and the other ones that I've showed you? I only used it twice and threw it away, because I could not stand it. Normally I am not like that because I try to make things work. It was very hard for me to catch every lash with this wand without hurting my eye or making a mess (no joke!), so a good separation of the lashes wasn’t guaranteed.
After wearing it for about four to five hours it started to crumble, which was a new experience for me and the volume it gave my lashes wasn’t great too. New day, new chance, same result. Definitely not a product that works for me!


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