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Contes de la beauté is a lifestyle blog by a girl in the age of 26, living in Austria. I write about beauty stuff like makeup looks, product reviews, some fashion-related posts or stuff that won't leave my head.

January Favorites

What I’ve learned from being awake for approximately 30 hours and after a 13 hours flight: If you wanna test a makeup product like foundation, eyeshadow, etc. flying is a great way to do that! So because two products were true friends during my journey (not only because of that) they are mentioned in my January favorites, so let’s just have a look.

Lush Origins Bourjois L:A Bruket Maybelline
1. Lush "BIG" / 2. Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in "#35-On and on Bronze" /
3. Origins "Clean Energy" / 4. Bourjois "Liner Pinceau 16h" / 5. L:A Bruket Body Butter "Vildros"

1. This one is a little funny for me because I rarely talk about hair stuff, but “BIG” by Lush did a great job. My hair just looked tired, had no volume and weren’t so fluffy as usual. Since I own so many shampoos (thanks Glossybox!) I always use a different one but none of them had helped me, until I brought BIG back in the game, now my fluffy and shiny hair are back.

2. Let’s talk for real: For a non-makeup-artist I own enough makeup, more than the average woman and I am not done with experimenting and trying new products, but since I discovered that I am more into palettes than individual eyeshadows I stopped purchasing them. But I received one Maybelline Color Tattoo at a workshop and got sold on it. Sometimes I use it on its own (when I am lazy or don’t have much time) or as a base. On my way to Mauritius I wore it as a base and like the eyeliner: it lasts more than 24 hours, it doesn’t crease or anything like that plus it is easy to remove. I will definitely buy another one if I had ran out of this one!

3. I was very busy the last four month and time was one thing that I didn’t have, so I had to shorten my night routine. That being said I was glad to be introduced to the Clean Energy Gentle cleansing oil by Origins. I just take a few drops, massage it into my face, add some water to get a milky consistence and then I take it off with a cleansing cloth. At first I was sceptical but it really erases all of my makeup and it maintains my skin, furthermore since it is oil I don’t need a heavy moisturizer for my dry areas afterwards. I didn’t experienced any break outs or greasiness.

4. I am in love with this product since years but they’ve sadly discontinued it in Austria, you can imagine how lucky I was when I’ve found the Bourjois eyeliner at Asos! It says that the eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours but as I’ve already mentioned in my intro it lasted me more than that, apparently 27 hours until I washed it off. It didn’t move, crumbled or anything else. Hands down my go-to-liquid eyeliner by far.

5. I’ve said it a hundred times, but obviously the fact that I am a lazy gal when it comes to moisturize my body after showering doesn’t change. However, since it is Winter I always try to improve myself in scribbling in the colder month and a nice smelling body butter can always help. Honestly, I think the L:A Bruket body butter is more like a whipped cream than a body butter but the rose scent is adorable and I like this moisturized and fresh feeling it gives plus you don’t need a ton of it and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. Some body treatments are too rich for me, even in Winter so that I begin so sweat, but gladly that’s not the case here.

What's new in Beauty land? #2

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Glow Kit” / 2. MAC “Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour” / 3. Smashbox “For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed: Be Legendary Lipstick Palette” / 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Definer” / 5. Make Up For Ever “Ultra HD Concealer Invisible Cover Concealer
Image Map

Today I will present you some beauty stuff that is new on the market and I am keen on. As always I will give you my opinion on these products instead of just showing you a picture. I hope you have a great day!
1. Glowwise Anastasia Beverly Hills has brought something new in the game: The Glow Kits! Available in “Gleam” and “That Glow”. The first one is rosy with softer highlights, while the second one is bolder and features deep bronze shades. All of them are metallic powder highlighters for an intense luminosity. I already ordered my kit and can’t wait until my package arrives at my door.

2. Nope, we are not done with the lips yet, because MAC Cometics just launched their version of liquid lipsticks: The Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour! I’ve heard mixed reviews about them, but nevermind I already ordered one of them, in “Recollection” which is an intense bright violet. You can get these lipcolours in fifteen shades from nude to very bold.

3. Smashbox Studios celebrates its 25 birthday, therefore Smashbox created a lip palette that includes 25 lipsticks of their bestselling Be Legendary Lipstick (that I absolutely adore!) in creamy and matte shades. The colors in this palette are one thing: bold! There are a few neutral shades but most of them are just awesome bright. Furthermore this lip palette comes with a pro lip brush and the Smashbox Studios magazine insert. Limited edition!

4.  Yep, another product by ABH Cosmetics … the Brow definer! Since I cannot live without their brow wiz, I just want to try out their new definer, which has a triangular tip that can be used in three different ways – to outline and fill in the brows. This type of tip should give you more control to create a natural appearance, it’s also provided with a smooth, creamy formula and comes in ten shades.

5. While I am not sure what I should think of their new Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation because I loved their old formula so much, I am keen on trying the new Make Up For Ever UltraHD concealer Invisible Cover Concealer because every beauty guru I know is raving about it. The only thing is that you should be careful if you are heavy handed because if you use too much it can look cackey because the consistence is thick. It guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup, and has an easy-blend and long-wearing formula. MUFE offers a wide range of colors to color correct or to conceal and the concealer itself provides medium coverage.

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Lush: Valentine's Day 2016

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. For me, Sunday is my relaxing, beauty and also craving day. Speaking of craving, in less than one month is Valentine’s Day and like every year Lush therefore launched some new limited goodies, so let’s just have a look at the new stuff which is already available at their online shop and in their stores. Like every year I have to mention it: Please, bring back “Close to you”!

Tisty Tosty - € 5,50 / piece

This bath bomb contains rose absolute, lemon and geranium oil and jasmine. Just throw it in your bathtub, lie back and relax … and watch little rosebuds rise to the surface. Who doesn’t need a little magic in his life?

Prince Charming -  € 8,50 / 100ml
€ 16,95 / 250ml
€ 28,95 / 500ml

Lush made it easy for you: If there is no Prince Charming in your life, you can buy one. He comes in a small (100 ml), medium (250 ml) and big (500 ml) size. Just choose your style. I’ve tried to like this scent but I am just not into it, but maybe you are.
It is made from pomegranate juice, organic cocoa butter, grapefruit oil, snowflake lustre, Marshmallow Root and Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion.

The Kiss Lip Gloss - € 10,95 / piece 

I’ve never tried their balms as a stick, only in the little pots and I enjoyed them. Shea butter; coconut, tangerine, melon and almond oil are only a few ingredients this tinted lip balm with a decent shimmer is made of. Now that your lips are moisturized and soft the kissing marathon can start!

Unicorn Horn - € 6,50 / piece

“I am special like a Unicorn”, here’s your horn that you will need. I remember this product from last year and I am sure that I still have one stored in my Lush boxes. This bubble bar smells like lavendar and neroli oil plus it contains sparkling lustre and candy stars. Your entrance to Wonderland.

Roses All The Way - € 6, 50 / piece

This little rose soap does not only look good it also contains glycerine, coconut oil, kaolin and the main ingredient fresh rose infusion from Turkey. You can use it whilst washing your hands and for your body. At least this rose won't fade away as soon as a flower.

Lover Lamp - € 5,95 / piece

When I read the description of this bath bomb I just thought “handle me one!”. It is made from fair trade (!) bio cocao butter that softens your skin and smells delicious plus orange oil, vanilla absolute, a hint of chocolate orange notes and gold glimmer lustre.

The Kiss Lip Scrub - € 10,45 / 25 g

I personally like Lush lip scrubs, I always adored the one that tastes like coke (Santa’s lip scrub), bubblegum and mint julips. They are just easy to use, you take a small amount, scrub your lips and then you lick it off or rub it off depending on your personal preference. The Kiss is made from sea salt, sugar and cacoa butter plus they added edible red hearts in it. Their lip scrubs last me six to seven month and I scrub my lips on a regular base – essential when you use liquid lipsticks!

As always they are offering you gift sets … my two personal favorites are “Love & Kisses” and “Lots of love” because you get a little bit of everything like a massage bar, shower cream, lip balm and so on, in here but just take a look yourself, I am sure you will find something you want to try.

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