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Contes de la beauté is a lifestyle blog by two girls in the age of 24 & 25 from Austria. We write about beauty stuff like makeup looks, product reviews, some fashion-related posts or stuff that won't leave our heads.

Beauty Box September

Don't worry ... the "beauty box" isn't a new thing on the market, "Beautesse" has just changed its name, therefore: Beautesse.at = beauty.at ;-)
So let's just see what the September issue contains.

My content:

1. Biotherm “Blue Therapy [Lift & Blur]” (15 ml) – € 67,95 / 50 ml

1. “… The result is a visibly streamlined U-zone of the face, tempered deep wrinkles and a uniform complexion. Deep wrinkles and sagging facial contours are reduced and achieved a more even skin texture. Suitable for all skin types.” – I know, it's weird that I always have to check the scent of a product, but somehow it seems to be important for me. So, the first thing: the smell. insane (in a good way), reminds me a little bit of lily. The cream itself absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves a soft feeling.
2. Clarins “Haute Exigence Nuit” (15 ml) – € 98,99 / 50 ml

2. “She nourishes the skin intensively and moisturizes. Organic extract from the Harungana (tree) provides more skin density in all layers, tempered wrinkles and sagging skin decreased. Suitable for all skin types.” - I am always searching for a night treatment, so I was very happy that this time one was included. It's a light cream, soaks in quickly and the skin feels moisturized after using it. Nevertheless, I won't buy it because it's too pricey.
3. Dr. Kitzinger “CreMa” (15 ml) – € 79,90 / 50 ml

3. “The pampering anti-aging cream and mask (all in one) plumps the skin, soakes it with moisture and at the same time reduces visible pores. Use as a rich day and / or night care sparingly.” - I really like the moisturizing cream from this brand, which was included in the Beautesse December, so I look forward using this product.
4. Scoopy Loop  – € 9,95 / trio

4. “Scoopy loop are elastic, soft rubber bands for hair & wrist, hand made ​​in California. They come in cool colors, different materials and patterns and are tie-dyed, cutted and knotted directly in Venice Beach.” -   A cute idea and I like the mixture of the rubber bands, but it's nothing that I would purchase.

5. Ringana tooth oil (15 ml) – € 11,60 / 125 ml

5. “Designed for sensitive teeth to remove plaque gently. Clean extracts from herbs and protect against irritation, caries, periodontal disease and bad breath.” – I am still sceptical if this oil can replace a normal toothpaste, but we will see. How to use it: Shake the bottle and rinse the oral cavity with a teaspoon of the oil, then brush gently with the moistened toothbrush over the teeth and tongue. Then rinse with water.
6. L’occitane “Verveine shower gel” (50 ml) – € 29,- / 500 ml

6. “Enriched with organic verbena VERVEINE extract cleanses the body wash the skin gently, leaving the tangy-fresh scent of verbena.” –  I really like the Verveine product line from L'occitane. The shower gel smells amazing, refreshes your skin and brightens up your mood.
7. Vinoble “foot cream Riesling” (7 ml) – € 19,80 / 100 ml
7. “The moisture-laden foot cream with grape seed extract, honey, aloe vera, sorbitol and farnesol supplies the foot skin with moisture and takes on the same foot odor.” – I've known this product for quite a while because it was included in the Glossybox October. It is not cooling like other products but it softens your feet and this feeling lasts for many hours.
8. Bottega Veneta “Essence Aromatique” – € 67,99 / 50 ml
8. “… is inspired by the generosity of a typical colognes, combined with the finest essences.” – It doesn't matter which perfume from Bottega Veneta I am gonna smell ... I've never liked any scent of the brand, same here with the Cologne. It smells fresh but too intense.
9. Kérastase Discipline Shampoo & Conditioner (10 ml) – € 16,80 / 250 ml & € 21,60 / 200 ml
9. “Kérastase Bain Fluidéaliste Discipline strengthens the hair fiber by the new Morpho-keratins complex, harmonises the natural movement of the hair and facilitates styling.
Kérastase Discipline Fondant Fluidéaliste builds on the fiber from the inside, thus ensuring flexibility, maintenance and strength.”  – The "Discipline"-line is suitable for undisciplined and uncombable hair, so not really my hair type but maybe these two babies will treat my hair well.
10. Givenchy “Dahlia Divin” (5 ml) – € 57,99 / 30 ml
10. “The fruity accents of Mirabelle, a floral heart of jasmine Arabian and an elegant touch of sandalwood give you a heavenly feeling.– If you like a strong, kinda oriental perfume, then this one is perfect for you. I think that it is more a scent for the evening, because it is a little bit heavy, but I adore it.
11. Shiseido Ultimune “Power Infusing Concentrate” – € 84,95 / 30 ml
11. “… The result is strong, resilient skin that perfectly regenerate and can thus preserve their beauty permanently. She feels plump, strengthen and supple, wrinkles are less visible and the skin regains its radiance.” – The scent of the serum is very bloomy, but not intrusive. I will use it under my skincare.
12. Wonderstripes – € 19,-
12. “With Wonderstripes you can visually correct the eyelid, and thus look younger.” – Since I don't have a hidden lid, I won't apply those stripes ... but maybe I'll have another usage for it.
13. Sisley “Huile Precieuse à la rose noir” – € 171,99 / 25 ml
13. “A precious and soothing care, the new clamping force returns a skin, which lacks well-being, suppleness and vitality!.” – This oil is also an anti-aging treatment, but insanely expensive ... so, even if it effects miracles, I won't buy it ;-)
Value of the box:
Biotherm                20,39
L’Occitane               2,90
Kérastase (2x)        1,75  
Bottega Veneta      10,20
Clarins                   29,70
Shiseido                 28,32
Sisley                       3,44
Dr. Kitzinger           23,97
Givenchy                  9,67
Scoopy Loop            9,95
Vinoble                      1,39
Wonderstripes        19,-
Ringana                     1,39
Total:                    160,32

Fazit: I really like the September issue with its range of products. It contains some old favorites as well as some new stuff that I am curious about. In some days they will release the content of the Christmas edition.

New in: pink love and some more …

As a beauty junkie I am always excited if I find new products, which I can test (and happy if I've made a great deal), therefore I want to share my joy with you and show you some products that I've been in love lately with.

DIPTYQUE “Rosa Mundi”


Most of you know that I am a candle lover and since it's already gotten cold outside it's time for the cosy afternoons and weekends that I spend in my pyjamas, drinking a cup of tea surrounded by some candles.
I've heard great things about the diptyque products, so I was glad that I found a candle on sale. Unfortunately it was a limited edition and is no longer available. "Rosa Mundi" smells like a rose with notes of blackcurrant, lychee and honey and it it burns up to 60 hours. Wonderful!

The Body Shop “Chocomania Body Scrub” – € 16,- / 200 ml

Ok, let’s be honest: this product is … not new to me, but it’s just great. It exfoliates your skin very gentle and leaves an oily film, so that you don't have to use a body lotion afterwards. The chocolate smell is just delicious.

Inglot Body Pigment Powder in “214” – € 16,-

This bright neon pink body pigment powder can be used as a lip color, the product insert says that it should not be applied on the eyelids, but since I don't have super sensitive eyes and I bought it because I thought that it was a product which you can use as an eye shadow ... I just applied it there (and nothing bad did happen). It lasted very long (10+ hours) and was removed easily.
If you like to spread it on your mouth, just apply a transparent lip gloss and with a lip brush you coat the powder on your lips.

Lush “Ambrosia” – € 9,45 / 100 g

Ambrosia is not only suitable for men but also for women that have sensitive skin. My skin on my legs gets very irritated when I shave them too often, but then I used this shaving cream and everything was fine ... no red (and dry) skin, no itchy feeling. It contains oat milk, cocoa butter and chamomile extract. Definitely a product which is going to be my favorite.

Giorgio Armani “Acqua di Gioia” EdP (€ 77,95 / 100 ml) & Body lotion (€ 31,95 / 150 ml)

I received this perfume two years ago and I was just amazed about its smell. Fresh, light, with a hint of jasmin ... one of my favorite scents ever! Since I never had the chance to try the body lotion I was very happy that the Duty Free Shop offered a set which has contained the perfume (100 ml) and the lotion (75 ml) for € 70,- ... no need to say that I bought it!

UAE: Impressions Part II

Today I want to show you more pictures from my journey to the UAE. The last three days we stayed at the Palm Islands in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel, which was absolutely incredible. I felt like a little princess and I've really enjoyed our stay.

Naked 3 Give-away Winner

Time has come to announce the winner of the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay :-)

and the winner is ...


Nicole Kr.

Please, e-mail me until Monday, 23 June and let me know your address!

For those, who did not won: Don't be sad, this won't be the last give-away on the blog :-)

Glossybox May

Due to my vacation, I did not receive my May issue in the festival edition of Glossybox in time, so that’s why I am a little late with showing you my content. Let's have a look what I received this time.

The products:

1. Daylong "Ultra Gel 30" - € 13,90 / 50 ml

1. “The fat-free and emulsifier-free gel with SPF 30 and water-resistant formulation for the face and body preserves not only against sunburn and premature skin aging, but also from sun allergies.” - We've always have a use for a sunscreen, right? I am very satisfied with the products from Daylong because they settle in quickly and have a great effect.

2. Alpienne "Duschlotion Arnika Bergfrische" (30 ml) -
€ 24,90 / 200 ml

 2. “The high-quality soap base cleanses while extracts from mountain arnica and rosemary have a stimulating yet relaxing. Thanks to the integrated body lotion complex also applying moisturizer is then no longer necessary.” - I know that the scent of the shower lotion needs getting used to, but I like it. After my first use I can tell you that the effect of the product is good, but honestly the size is a little bit too small to pass an opinion.

3. The Body Shop "Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream" (15 ml) -
€ 18,- / 50 ml

 3. “Valuable and highly effective ingredients such as vitamin E, panthenol and wheat germ oil work, so that you wake up with a bright, beautiful and soft skin the next day.” - I am glad that Body Shop now provides a night cream, this one smells amazing and settles in quickly but I will use it in the colder season because in summer I prefer a gel formula.

4. être belle cosmetics "Liplift Peel" - € 12,95 / 15 ml

4. “Moisturizing it gently removes dead cells and also provides nurturing.” - Honestly, the peeling feels a little bit weird on the lips because it is more like a cream and I am used to my sugar scrub from Lush, which is a little rougher than this one. The Liplift peel is a good product and the effect is ok, but I would not buy it.

5. Glem Vital "Fresh it up! Schwereloses Pflege-Öl" -
€ 4,99 / 50 ml

5. “The oil which is suitable for all hair types, nourishes the hair from root to tip, while reducing unwanted split ends. Silky smoothness adjusts instantly and you can concentrate on the pleasures of life again.” - The oil is great for travelling or if you are on the road because of its size. I used it for my roots and they did not feel so dry as usual, the smell is another plus.

6. Color Club "Bright Night #993" - € 7,- / 15 ml

6. “The boasting and intense royal blue with star appeal not only sets your fingertips in scene but also completes any outfit in an instant from.” – I just love this nail varnish because of its color, the blue is insanely beautiful. I applied one coat and the coverage is great. After three days the polish began to chip a little bit.

Conclusion: To sum it up: Great box! I like the range of the products and the products themselves, I also find the fact book which describes the content very appealing because of its design. The value of it adds up to € 47,98, I also received some colored "Ohropax" as a goodie. As I've already mentioned in the last post this is my last box. I am just sick of receiving a hair product every month or sometimes stuff from the drugstore. So farewell, Glossybox ;-)


P.S.: Want to win a Naked Palette 3 by Urban Decay? Just enter the give-away!

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