Blog parade: How I organize myself

Today is the day. I am taking part at my first blog parade, this time it is not about beauty, instead I will answer some questions on how I organize myself when it comes to blogging. I won’t talk about organizing my “daily normal” life just how I handle my blog schedule. So if you are nosy, continue reading.

1. How do you organize your tasks?

At first I take a look at my make up desk where I collect products to review that has/n’t been used. Then I sort them out which ones do I need for a blog post soon, means if I already have not done it I must put it to the test and which ones can “wait”.
After that I make a list in my head when I need which product to go online at the blog – did I already take pictures of it? If so did I already edited them? Then I use my calendar, my weekly and monthly blog planner to set the date for publishing my posts and also the day when I have to write them, take pictures and so on. I don’t include time for answering e-mails at my organisation list, because I answer them on a daily base or one day later.

2. Which programms do you use for that and why do you use it?

Honestly I am not working with any “organisation programms” because, even if I am pretty young (digital generation) I am more keen on organising my work physically, which means that I make lists, use my notebook or worksheets and I have a portfolio where I collect all blog related stuff like work shop papers, cut string inspirations from magazines and so on . Since I am sitting eight hours+ in front of the computer at my day job I don’t want to stare at my smartphone or laptop when I am at home plus I like to write things down. with a pencil. If you don’t like it old school like me EverNote is a great way programm for organising.

3. Are there any organizational traps?

I think when you are scheduling your tasks it is really important to include a puffer for days where you don’t feel like working your ass off (for your blog), things may not work (technical issues) or you just want to have time for yourself or friends/family. Furthermore it’s good to combine work tasks, for example if you know you have to take pictures (in my case) of product X I will also shoot pictures of products of which I know that I need them in some days/weeks and not on the exact day where I write about the product.

4. How much time do you spend on organizing your tasks?

I organize only at weekends or when I have holidays, sure, there are exceptions, but if I count up on a daily base I dedicate half an hour for organizing my blog tasks.

5. From your point of view: Which disturbances can appear whilst planning?

For me it is important to focus on a thing. Acting multitask doesn’t work for me – listening to music while organizing the next week(s) or responding to e-mails doesn’t do me any good. You will find me then dancing or screaming to music (depends if it is Dance or Metal) but that’s it. I also turn off my mobile phone while setting my tasks.

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Christmas: Decoration inspiration

The shops my wallet fears the most are beauty departments, lingerie and decor stores. That’s why I was very thrilled when I had been invited to the Depot Christmas presentation where also a DIY-workshop was hosted.

While in spring and summer my home is more puristic it’s safe to say that my “decoration season” is fall and winter, especially when Christmas is around the corner, then I wish I had more space for all my ideas. At the DIY-workshop, which was very popular, we could design our own advent arrangement, well the lazy ones like me were able to take a blank one home. After strolling through the shop and finding lots of inspirations it was time to shop some of the decoration … honestly, I am not done yet because this year’s decor stuff is really great, but you can make up your own mind, therefore I included some pictures. You can find these products at the Depot store and in their online shop.

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October Favorites

When it gets dark at 5pm and leaves change their colors you know that fall is around and since it is already November it is time for my October favorites. This time it includes one non-beauty item, but let’s just get started.
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1. MAC lipstick in “Diva” / 2. Maybelline “FIT Me! Concealer” / 3. Candles / 4. Korres “Magnolia Bark Night Cream for first wrinkles

1. While I love my liquid lipsticks I am not using it that often when I am at the office because I find them a little bit tricky during the day, especially when I am eating or drinking, because the color doesn’t fade evenly and I don’t have the time to check my lips every hour. That’s why I went back to classy lipsticks. One color I chose almost every day in October is “Diva” by MAC, a warm-toned medium-dark red or as the company describes it “an intense reddish-burgundy with a Matte finish.” I love this color so much because it applies smooth and lasts for hours leaving your lips stained red when it fades away.

2. Without my concealer I am going nowhere, just sayin’! Honestly the FIT Me! by Maybelline isn’t just one of my October faves, it is my all time favorite when it comes to concealing, because you find it in the drugstore, therefore it is inexpensive but gives a great result without using a ton of it and I like the range of shades they offer. You don’t always have to go for an high-end product.

3. Candles. Not from a particular brand, but in general. Even if I am a candle lover I feel weird lighting a candle in Summer when it has 30 degrees outside. So when it got colder the first thing I did was rearranging my candle area. For me candles give this warm and cozy “I am at home” feeling, especially when your home is filled with a unique scent.

4. I really like Korres products, but I only buy it when I am on holidays in Greece, this time I purchased the “Magnolia Bark Night Cream for first wrinkles”, which is suitable for all skintypes. It’s not easy for me to find a skincare product that really works for my combination skin and satisfies the needs of the oily but also of the dry areas without over-treating them (hello pimples!). This night cream does a great job, because not only does it hydrate my skin but also helps repairing fine lines over night, furthermore it is non-greasy and contains hyaluronic acid.
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