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Contes de la beauté is a lifestyle blog by two girls in the age of 24 & 25 from Austria. We write about beauty stuff like makeup looks, product reviews, some fashion-related posts or stuff that won't leave our heads.


Hey honnies!

I just wanted to let you know that if everything went as it should I arrived safely at the UAE. There I will spend some time to relax. At the of end of may I will be back with some new blog posts and also some new products that I am going to review.
Have a great time until then and if Wifi works, I will keep you updated via Social Media.

Cat Eyes: Too Faced Palette

So, back in beauty land I have to say that within the last few weeks I lived with the motto „you only live once“. That’s why I bought myself some new beauty stuff. One of those things, I am gonna show you today. It is called the Two Faced “Cat Eyes Palette”. When going through the Sephora site this little baby caught my eye and without thinking twice I put it in my basket – even if I already own enough palettes.


Too Faced “Cat Eyes Eye shadow Palette” – € 36,-

I’ve been playing with these colors for days and I just love them! Overall it contains nine eye shadows. You can use three of them both dry and wet. Three neutrals that can be used as a highlighter or as a base and the rest of them are just kick-ass colors.
What I really like about it, is that it’s not a huge palette; you can take it with you in your purse without making a mess because of the magnetic opener, which I love and which is perfect for travelling.

I’ve used the colors with an eyeshadow primer, with a white base or just on its own, and they don’t crease, even if the weather is really hot. I wish that the color payoff of the darker colors would be more intense, especially the one from the black and purply black. The one that looks like a mint green is a shimmer which you can see in the swatch below.




I like this palette even not every single color transfers as intense as I would like them to do. I am gonna use this one instead of my UD Naked palette because I don’t wanna be “nude” all the time and the Too Faced one also contains two rosy colors (“Pussy Cat” + “Fashion”).

Nivea Protect & Shave

Weeks ago I got sent this Razor from Nivea to me and even it is not a brand new product anymore I still like to review it for you guys. I really wanted to test it for some time before telling you “yeah” or “better don’t”.


Nivea “Protect & Shave Razor” – € 8,99 / pack (3 pcs.)

After using it for more than one month I can say that it is a great product, especially the flexible hinge is a good thing because I don’t cut myself (that often) like I normally tend to do with my Gillette Venus one. Also the 5 razor blades system gives a good and even result. The razor furthermore has a built-in shave gel with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to provide a nourishing feeling but it doesn’t replace the additional shaving gel/cream. My legs and armpits are really smooth and don’t feel dry nor do I have red patches after shaving them. One razor will last for approximately 20 applications. It feels good in your hand because of the ergonomic anti-slip hold.

Nivea “After Shave Body Lotion” – € 3,95 / 250 ml


I also got the Nivea After Shave Body Lotion and it really soothes my skin, not every lotion does her job but this one does (and I am very picky when it comes to such lotions), so I will definitely buy this one if I ran out of the sample.

Would I buy the razor? Honestly, even if it’s a great product, I am still not sold on it yet, what does bother me is that you cannot replace the blade. I guess it’s because of the flexible hinge. This may be a stupid cause for you but that’s just my opinion. In the long run the Nivea one is more affordable than for example my Gillette one, that’s for sure.

Picture diary: Morocco

8 days - 6 cities - 1.700 km - 1 unforgettable trip
Before I line up my next journey I wanted to show you some impressions from my vacation in Morocco (huge picture overload). It is definitely worth visiting, even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Marrakesh but I will definitely come back to visit Fès or Casablanca again.
For those who are wondering what I do in the third picture ... I got the opportunity to knot a carpet - just a piece of it, of course.

April beauty favorites

April beauty favorites 2015
MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet+ / theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer / Benefit thePorefessional / Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer / MAC Lady Danger lipstick

April is already over, which means that it is time for my monthly favorites. I've used these products nearly every day so I can really tell that I like them. But let's get started.

1. I don't feel that it minimizes the appearance of my pores but my skin stays matt after using this product and it reduces any redness of my skin.
2. Lately I am really keen on testing new foundations and I just love the Mat Velvet+. I took it with me to Morocco and it held for hours without moving plus it endows the promised matt finish. A detailed review of it will follow soon.
3. You recognize this baby because I've already introduced you to the Too Faced Bronzer here. I am using their new formula where the pink doesn't show up that intense.
4. Also this highlighter accompanied me the whole month and it just works great for me. Check out my review of it here.
5. Regardless what skin tone you have, this gorgeous orangy red lipstick will suit you. "Lady Danger" has a matt and long wearing formula, also it's a good alternative if you are afraid of wearing a "normal" red color tones lip product.

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